Although Luna lives with mother for a majority of the time, both parents mutually agree to request a Court Order directing Luna to attend the district in which father resides: DALLAS AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT.

Under Pennsylvania Administrative Code (22 Pa. Code § 11.11(a)(1))…

§ 11.11. Entitlement of resident children to attend public schools.

(a) Entitlement.

(1) A school age child is entitled to attend the public schools of the child’s district of residence. A child’s district of residence is that in which the parents or the guardian resides. When the parents reside in different school districts due to separation, divorce or other reason, the child may attend school in the district of residence of the parent with whom the child lives for a majority of the time, unless a court order or court approved custody agreement specifies otherwise.

Parents mutually agree to physical custody revisions as outlined below. These amend existing Custody Order No. 12051 of 2017 (February 9, 2018). Parents continue to share joint legal custody.
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(AB) = mother’s physical custody of Luna in Edwardsville, PA
(FT) = father’s physical custody of Luna in Shavertown, PA

Unless otherwise specified below (AB)

Any custody times may be amended if in Luna’s best interest and all parties are in agreement.

Every other weekend per current custody schedule:
Friday 6pm-Sunday 6pm
Every other alternating weekend:
One overnight, 24 hours, TBD
(Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday)

Every year:
Mother’s Day & Mother’s Birthday (AB)
Sister’s Birthday (AB)
Father’s Day & Father’s Birthday (FT)

Alternating years:
Even = 2020, 2022, 2024, etc.
Odd = 2021, 2023, 2025, etc.

Even (AB) / Odd (FT)
Valentine’s Day
Luna’s Birthday (Eve & Day)
Easter (Eve & Day)
Memorial Day Weekend
Christmas (Eve & Day)

Even (FT) / Odd (AB)
St Patrick’s Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day Weekend
Thanksgiving (Eve & Day)
New Year’s (Eve & Day)

Two weeks (14 days)
Distribution TBD during school breaks (summer, holidays).
Not necessarily consecutive.
Not to overlap holiday or other custody times unless previously agreed upon.

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